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Samara State University with a medical department was founded in January 1st, 1919. In 1930 Samara Medical Institute was opened (known as Kuibyshev Medical Institute later). In July 1993 the Institute was reorganized into Samara State Medical University.

Today Samara State Medical University is one of the largest and well-known medical universities in Russia.

Department of International Relations

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Pre-academic programs for enrollees in English — 2022!

We invite to the pre-academic programs in Chemistry, Biology for enrollees to the General medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Medical and Preventative Care Faculties.

The price:

  • Full course (biology, chemistry) — 56 000 rubles (24 hours).
  • Only biology — 35 000 rubles (12 hours).
  • Only chemistry — 35 000 rubles (12 hours).

After this course you have a really big chance to enroll in our University.

97% of graduates of pre-academic proframs become our students!

If you want to participate, please, let us know and send your request to

SamSMU has been accredited according to the standards of the World Organization of Medical Education (WFME) for 5 years.

Based on the results of the external expert evaluation by the Independent Accreditation and Rating Agency (NAAR/IAAR) that took place at SamSMU on 17–19 May 2022, the IAAR Accreditation Council decided to grant institutional accreditation to the University for the period of 5 years.

According to A. V. Kolsanov, SamSMU Rector, Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences: «International WFME accreditation will improve our University’s international standing, while the SamSMU graduates will be able to continue their studies at any international university and their employment opportunities will be increased. Besides, the accreditation will make the University more attractive for international students, expand the opportunities for academic mobility and speed up the process of the University’s internationalisation».

Graduates of WFME accredited medical universities can apply for ECFMG (The Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates) certification, which is required for those who wish to pursue further studies or obtain a medical license in the USA and Canada, while qualifications of NAAR/IAAR accredited medical university graduates are equivalent to European qualifications and are recognised throughout Europe. Graduates of accredited universities can apply for USMLE, the three-step examination for medical licensure in the US and, if they are successful, may obtain an unlimited medical license in the United States. Starting from 2024 all medical universities must be WFME accredited in order to guarantee qualification recognition to graduates and allow them to apply for ECFMG certification.

Certificate of the International Program Accreditation(PDF, 6,7 MB)

About SamSMU

SamSMU includes 8 institutes, more than 15 specialized diagnostic and therapeutic centers, 14 departments and 90 chairs. The teaching staff consists of 622 members, 14 of which are academicians and corresponding member of different academies, 100 professors and PhDs, 386 assistant professors.

The oldest and the most outstanding chairs are: Chair of Otolaryngology, Traumatology and Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, Surgery, Pediatrics, Surgical Dentistry and many others.

There are also 6 specialized committees that assess research and award degrees in specialties. During the last 5 year the University prepared 49 Doctors of Science in Medicine, 194 Candidates of Science in Medicine.

Since 1991 Samara State Medical University began the training of general practitioners, pharmacists, trainees and post-graduate research students from Eastern countries, Africa and Latin America on the base of International Students Department. Training is based on contract system.

Approximately 500 international students graduated from our University. Our graduates have high level of theoretical and practical professional knowledge. The Diploma of our University is known in over 20 countries and is equal to Diploma of Moscow State Medical Universities.

Today number of our students is more then 6 000, 200 of them are international.

We create the future of medicine

SamSMU includes 8 institutes, more than 15 specialized diagnostic and therapeutic centers, 14 departments and 90 chairs

The R&D products of SamSMU

More than 40 authoritative Russian and international organizations are involved in scientific and technical cooperation with SamSMU. Joint projects are going on with the leading institutions of Germany and France.

SamSMU is a coordinator of two clusters: the research and education cluster «Nizhnevolzhskiy», which includes 7 medical universities, and the innovative territorial cluster of medical and pharmaceutical technologies, involving 70 organizations. The University is the basic institution of the regional Povolzhskiy Neuro-net Center.

Department of International Relations of the Samara State Medical University coordinates an international research and academic activity of the University, develops the common international projects.

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