Partnerships for the Goals

Establishing new partnerships and networks has always been one of the most important priorities for SamSMU. 2019 was not an exception and we can say that there was a certain progress. As the UN established targets and indicators are too specific for an educational organization, the report will follow another pattern.

SamSMU is the only University in Samara Region influencing not only Educational Policies development, but also the Healthcare ones. SamSMU is one of the responsible institutions in accomplishing the regional projects of the national project “Healthcare”. The tasks include identifying problems and challenges, developing policies and strategies, monitoring and reporting on interventions, and enabling adaptive management.

Having research as one of the three main branches of work SamSMU yearly participates in gathering and measuring data for the SDGs (especially, SDG3).

SamSMU has collaborated with IFMSA (International Federation of Medical Students Associations) through HCCM (National Soviet of Medical Students of Russia) for a lot of years by now, but in 2019 one of the representatives of SamSMU was holding a leadership position in IFMSA thus establishing a closer and more productive collaboration.

Some of the new educational extracurricular activities were first introduced in SamSMU and a huge work on including the essential topics of SDGs in the regular curricula has been started with the great first success.

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