Decent Work and Economic Growth

Preparing healthcare specialists and not only SamSMU plays an important role in economic development of the region. It requires productivity and responsible approaches not only in the area of education, but in the areas of research, innovations and direct healthcare sector support.

As the UN established targets and indicators are too specific for an educational organization, the report will follow another pattern.

SamSMU has always been paying its staff at least the living wage. In 2019 the new policy was issued defining the order and size of the hours payment.

SamSMU has the professional committees for both the staff and the students. Among the main goals for them are to support the labour right for all, including women and international staff as well as the educational right for students.

The collective agreement created and approved in SamSMU for the period 2018-2021 includes such important points as emphasis on absence of discrimination in the workplace, no forced labour, no human trafficking and no child labour.

SamSMU also pays a lot of attention to tracking pay scale gender equity. If anything is considered inappropriate, an employee can appeal on their rights and/or pay.

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